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Portrait of a garden on a vacant hillside lot in Los Angeles. (19 minutes, 16mm film, 2014)

Cleaning house is one of the most private things we do in our homes, other than sex and arguments. Although the product of of a clean home is socially valued, the work required to achieve it is not. This film bears witness to the invisible labor that makes up a huge part of our lives, in a series of portraits of people cleaning. (91 minutes, HD, 2012)
Images Prize, Images Festival (Toronto, Canada)
Distributed by


In a New Mexico ghost-town turned simulated-town, local people are hired to play the parts of terrorists and victims in government-funded simulation training exercises. This interventionist documentary juxtaposes the training exercises with a theater workshop in which the local community acts out the stories of their town.
(56 minutes, Digibeta, 2010)
Best Documentary, Chicago Underground Film Festival, Distributed by

The world seeks to replicate itself. Smooth surfaces create reflections, objects cast shadows, and apertures transmit the appearance of what lies beyond them.   When sunlight falls through the spaces between leaves on a tree, the "pin-hole" apertures in the foliage create images of the sun on the ground below. This film records replicas of the sun as they appear and disappear in the dappled light under trees.
(6 minutes, 16mm, 2008)

On the 13th of each month, hundreds of people gather at a site in the Mojave Desert to see visions of the Virgin Mary appear in the sun. They point Polaroid, cell phone, and video cameras at the sun, and compare interpretations of the resulting images. This film documents the creative energy of this populist spiritual event. (6 minutes, Digibeta, 2008)
Vision Award, Ann Arbor Film Festival

This film is a series of short experiments, each of which explores peripheral vision in a different way: attempting to capture it on film, conducting perceptual experiments, and telling stories about what is seen from the corner of the eye.
(29 minutes, 16mm, 2008, a collaboration with Paul VanDeCarr)
        THE TAILENDERS is a captivating look at a missionary group's use of ultra-low-tech audio devices to evangelize indigenous communities facing crises caused by global economic forces. Global Recordings Network, founded in Los Angeles in 1939, has produced audio versions of Bible stories in over 5,500 languages, and aims to record in every language on earth. The film traces their journeys in the Solomon Islands, Mexico, India and the United States. (72 minutes, DV Cam, 2006) MORE INFO
THE POINT OF TRUE BEGINNING is informed by research on how colonial travel writing produced the idea of the frontier for readers at home. The Point of True Beginning begins with one small object--an adventure book about a cowboy's turn-of-the-century exploration of Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico--and widens into a meditation on how the story of "discovery" gets told in radio plays, adventure films, and natural history museums. (16mm, 15 minutes, 1998)
  HOMOMORPHY is a video and mixed media installation reflecting on instances of camouflage and mimicry found in the environment in and around Los Angeles. Vladimir Nabokov describes mimicry in butterflies as a phenomenon displaying an "artistic perfection usually associated with man-wrought things." Camouflage and mimicry upset the dichotomies of nature/artifice, true nature/outward semblance, truth/deception, natural/false. (video and mixed media, 2004) MORE INFO